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Y/N: Because... Faith.That drama made me a new oh-so-shiny OTP.I just love Eun Soo and Choi Young,okayokay?I never got to the PMY-LMH fic before,so I ended up writing this.I get distracted easily.I shouldn't have started on Faith just yet.
PS. But I was sick of reading about the complaints with the age difference between KHS and LMH (Hello,21st century.).So maybe that's partly what the motivation is.

Title:Take another drag, turn me to ashes.
Lyrics from "Diet Mountain Dew" by Lana Del Rey
Pairings:Kim Hee Sun/Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young/Lee Min Ho

The documents in her hands were almost a shredded mess.


Min Young tried to breathe. Tried to pry her trembling fingers from her mouth. Tried to unsee every detail, unhear every sound. But the sounds of sweat-slicked skin slapping against each other seemed to be echoing around the room. Moans and groans repeating over and over again.


Flashes of his body were burned into her memory. The way he kissed, the way he sounded, the way he moved. She had tried to get herself to stop looking. Stop watching. But like always, she couldn't tear herself away from him.


She couldn't not watch him.


She couldn't not watch them.


And she didn't know what to make of that. But the way they came together... She almost cried out herself. They were so in tune with each other. Watching them, they were just... Exquisite. Like nothing she'd ever seen. She hadn't lived like a nun but the way they were together, that connection... Soul deep and something no one can really touch... Animalistic yet...




"Say it!"


"I love you."


"God, I love you so much..."


Something twinged in her heart at the memory.


And then it slowly turned into panic.


Oh, god.


She watched them.


She watched them.


Her bosses.


If they knew...


No! They will never know. Her heart had almost stopped when Hee Sun came into the lounge. Even thought she was going to be discovered. It almost looked like it when she had suddenly turned motionless. She had stuffed her fist into her mouth then when her breathing was becoming too loud.


She was safe. She couldn't have seen her behind the door. Right?


She could hear them talking. Hee Sun was going. Good, he'll be leaving soon after. He better be leaving soon after.


She took a chance and peeked out again. She could see Hee Sun whispering something to him. She couldn't see his face cast in shadow, but he seemed to have gone rigid. Hee Sun pulled back, her gaze sliding back towards the lounge.


She immediately ducked behind once more.


This husband and wife will be the death of her.


She heard the office door opening and closing.


Silence from the other room. But she knew he was still there. She closed her eyes, trying to stay calm.




"Aren’t you going to step out of there, Min Young-sshi?"


Horrified eyes snapped open.


Oh, god.

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Y/N: Because... Faith.That drama made me a new oh-so-shiny OTP.I just love Eun Soo and Choi Young,okayokay?I never got to the PMY-LMH fic before,so I ended up writing this.I get distracted easily.I shouldn't have started on Faith just yet.
PS. But I was sick of reading about the complaints with the age difference between KHS and LMH (Hello,21st century.).So maybe that's partly what the motivation is.

Title:Take another drag, turn me to ashes.
Lyrics from "Diet Mountain Dew" by Lana Del Rey
Pairings:Kim Hee Sun/Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young/Lee Min Ho

"You don't-"


Hee Sun's words were cut off when she was roughly turned around. Her head snapping back. The movement causing her loose chignon to come down in riotous waves. She saw his darkened eyes for a split second before his mouth slammed into hers. Anger, frustration, lust, and fear all pouring into the searing kiss.


Min Ho shoved his left hand into her hair, fisting it and angling her head to taste her better. Biting, suckling, demanding that she let him in. And she did. She always did. Always responding in that way that makes him even harder. A moan from her and with his free hand, he tore her gown's delicate material down the front. Letting it slide off her body easily, pooling at their feet.


He loved her in red. But he fucking loved her naked all the more.


Their mouths separated with a gasp. Eyes locking, breaths harsh, he palmed her bare breast roughly. He felt the pain as she grabbed his head, her nails digging in his scalp and claimed his lips again. Teeth colliding, tongues wrestling, a groan from his throat.


Buttons flew and he separated long enough to shake his destroyed shirt off. He needed her skin on his. Diving in again for a rough kiss before he started for her throat; licking, nipping, biting down hard on her shoulder when she had released him from his pants.


An exhale of her name and he quickly kicked off his shoes and walked her backwards, finding her lips once more. Not geting enough of kissing her. They slammed into the wall, almost cutting their lips with their mouths fused together.


His hands slid down her ass to the back of her thighs, lifting her up. Digging his fingers into her hips. Grounding hard into her. The heat coming off her... He hissed into her mouth as frantic hands clawed his back, his arms, his neck as she locked her legs around his waist. Her lips started their way down his throat. The noises she was making were driving him mad. He gave a growl and then cursed as her teeth worried his nipple.




He needed to be inside her. Now.


He reached between them, tore off her thong, and slammed into her to the hilt; not bothering to silence her scream. He wants to hear it. He'll never get tired of hearing it.


Her head fell forward and their lips met once more in frenzy as he started pounding into her; their hands all over. She met him thrust for thrust, her arms going around his neck. Her nails sinking into his skin. He tore his mouth from hers, sliding it towards her ear.


"Say it." He gritted, biting her earlobe.


Their hips continued their wild rhythm. She started sucking on his taut neck. His legs started to tremble.. A hand shot up her shoulder and he slammed her back, never stopping his pounding. Eyes lost to their passion locked with each other.


"Say it!"


She placed a hand tenderly against his cheek; an action so opposite to their frenetic movements. And in an almost aching voice, she said the only thing he needs to hear.


"I love you."


He pulled in a sharp breath and crashed his mouth to hers.


"God, I love you so much," he murmured against her lips and pressed his forehead onto hers.


She gave a little whimper and a small smile lifted his lips. His eyes straying down to where they were connected. And he knows he can't last much longer.


A moan this time as he changed the angle of his hips slightly. And he kept hitting that spot. She was close. So close. Murmuring and pleading for him.


In the blink of an eye, he'd leaned down and sank his teeth hard into the top of her breast. His name falling from her lips in a scream. Going over the edge. Washed away in ecstasy. And he followed her with a roar. Because he'd always follow her.




His legs almost gave out from the force. Their bodies trembling as they clutched onto each other. Their harsh panting filling the room. He tightened his arms around her. Just wanting to sink further into her, even though they were still connected.


He lifted his head up, gently moving the damp hair from her temple. Contentment filled him as her glazed eyes met his. A soft smile on her lips. The very picture of a thoroughly satisfied woman. He placed his forehead against hers, closing his eyes.


They stayed that way for a while till their bodies calmed. Their sweat-slicked skin started to cool. She ran a finger lazily down his nape, sending a shot of thrill down his spine.


"Happy now?" She murmured.


"Give me another five hours and I will be."


"You know I have to go to this event."


He gave an exaggerated sigh; eyes still closed. "You're ruining the moment here."


"Come on..." She cupped his jaw and nipped his chin.


"Keep doing that and you're never leaving." His hands had drifted back to her hips.


"Baby." Her fingers had wound their way through his hair at his nape, tugging a bit.


He opened his eyes and looked at her. One of his hands was drifting towards her legs still locked behind him. He never got to taking off her strappy jeweled shoes. The feeling of her heels digging into his back had heightened his pleasure a bit more.


"These are really sexy shoes." His hand was softly caressing her feet.


"They really went with the dress. Thanks to you it's no more."


"I don't want him near you in it." He almost growled.

His hand went from her feet to the red and angry bite mark he left on her breast. His eyes following the movement of his fingers as he tenderly traced it. A surge of possessiveness gripping him.

A shiver went through her and he noticed, his eyes going back to her knowingly. She can't really stay any longer though.

"And you couldn't have just asked me to change." A sardonic quirk of her brow.


 He gave her a smug grin. "This is more fun."


She rolled her eyes and started to untangle her legs. But he caught the small smile she was trying hard not to show. He resigned himself to the fact that she was still going instead of indulging themselves in each other all night. He gently pulled out of her and stole a kiss before carefully setting her down.


"Now I have to get ready all over again," she said as she headed towards the lounge in just her heels.


He could feel himself reacting as he watched the gentle sway of her hips. "Put on a new dress but leave everything else as they are. He'll appreciate that. Tell him I helped you with the look."


Though his voice was teasing, the barely concealed jealousy leaked with every word. Hee Sun ignored his bait and stepped into the lounge. She'll need to be decent first before going to pick a new dress. She went straight to his shirts, pulled one out and started to put it on. She was rolling one of the sleeves when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Her hands stilled.


She stood motionless for a moment and then started moving again. With her sleeves rolled, she pulled out another shirt for him and headed back outside.


She noticed his eyes darkening again as his gaze roamed all over her. So she knows how it turns him on when she's in his clothes. He was the one who made her lose her dress. Consequences were his to deal with.


She stopped before him; his breathing has gone hard. Silently handing over the new shirt. He took it and before he could think to pull her towards him, she spoke.


"How is she, by the way?" She asked in a neutral voice.


His eyes snapped to hers. They narrowed and he wordlessly jammed his arm into a sleeve. His actions tight.


"She's a tasty little morsel, isn't she?"


His jaw tightened as he started buttoning up. She stopped his hands and took over. She could feel his eyes burning into her. His whole body rigid.


"It's not the same," he finally let out, irritation radiating off him.


Her hands brushed down his chest softly and looked up at him. "Yes, it isn't the same."


He relaxed a hair.


"Because nothing is going to happen with him. I can't say the same with her. But do you hear me saying anything?"


"That's not-"


"It's different this time, isn't it? She's different."


He gritted his teeth. He didn't like what she was implying. "No more than the others."


"I like her." She gave a shrug like it wasn't really bothering her. And maybe it didn't. And that makes him want to go out and hit something.


"You liked all of them," he said, almost like a petulant child.


"Yes, but I like her especially."


"What are you trying to say?"


She looked at him with those eyes of hers. Almost distant now. So unlike the passionate woman he had pounded into the wall moments ago.


"It's okay." Trying to reassure him.


It shouldn't be okay! Was what he wanted to scream at her. Wanted to shake her and ask her to fight against all this bullshit. Fight for him. But...


"I have to go."


She stood on tiptoe and gave him a tender kiss. He lifted his hands to grab her to him and lose himself in her again but she had moved away already. But he can't just let her go like that.


"Anyone but him, Hee Sun. Anyone but him."


He knew he was almost begging but he can't take it. She needs to understand that. She needs to.

She gave a smile. Her eyes softening. She stepped back towards him. His eyes on her as she pulled him down by the collar, slowly leaning in.

Part III

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Y/N: Because... Faith.That drama made me a new oh-so-shiny OTP.I just love Eun Soo and Choi Young,okayokay?I never got to the PMY-LMH fic before,so I ended up writing this.I get distracted easily.I shouldn't have started on Faith just yet.
PS. But I was sick of reading about the complaints with the age difference between KHS and LMH (Hello,21st century.).So maybe that's partly what the motivation is.

Title:Take another drag, turn me to ashes.
Lyrics from "Diet Mountain Dew" by Lana Del Rey
Pairings:Kim Hee Sun/Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young/Lee Min Ho

Park Min Young opened the oak-paneled door and slipped inside. The door closed with a soft thud behind her as she stood there, documents in hand clutched to her chest. She didn't bother with the lights; the high glass panes sparkling with the city life down below provided enough for her to be able to see and move around.


And somehow it felt better to cloak herself with the darkness. Like she was afraid the room could breathe life to the secrets in her heart. Because even though he wasn't here, the room held so much of his essence; that hard, male, intense and awe-inspiring presence in every piece, in every corner, that it was useless to try to escape it.


It feels like the room is watching her. Much like how he was always watching her.


A delicious shiver ran down her spine. Much like how she always reacted to his burning gazes.


It was wrong.


She shouldn't be feeling this way.


She shouldn't want it.


She shouldn't want him.


It was wrong.


And yet, she couldn't stop herself from wondering...


Her feet started to move and she found herself in front of the bar, fingertips gliding across the top.


Remembering how he would always fix himself a drink before their meetings; his hands moving expertly.

How would they feel when they were on her, moving across her skin.


She stopped behind his chair at the head of the large conference table. Fingertips trying to find the ghost of him.


Deep in thought, skeptical, sardonic, stoic as he listened to reports and proposals. But always, always somehow still making her feel she was his only thought.

Was he thinking of stripping her naked and draping her across the table so he could gaze at her to his fill.



The lush feel of the back of the designer couch made her think about the time he sat on it, firing rapid orders and she had been trying to take everything down. He'd suddenly stopped. She'd looked up and her heart was in her throat.


His eyes were on her lips.  The lips she'd been worrying. The hungry look never wavering and then it was gone and he was back to giving orders.

Was he thinking of crashing his lips to hers, biting them and then shoving his tongue inside her mouth.


The cool polished wood of his desk made her more aware of her own heat. She moved behind it, somehow trying to imagine it was his skin she was caressing.


She'd once stood in front, waiting for the papers he was signing. After he was done, he'd handed it to her; his heavy-lidded gaze locking with hers for a full minute. And then he let her go.

Was he thinking of hauling her to him and fucking her right there on his desk.


And she'll let him.


Her stomach twisted at the thoughts as soon as her eyes fell on the photograph of his wife.


Who would have thought he was that kind of man to display such a sentiment?


But she should know, right? Should know the passion simmering just beneath the cynical facade. It was in every gaze that happened. In every caress that didn't.


In every kiss that might happen.


She had glimpsed the passion, but his heart...


It only burns for her.


And what heart wouldn't?


Wearing a men's shirt hardly covering her shapely legs, feet up on her chair, with mussed up hair falling alluringly over her face, hiding all but one twinkling eye and a smile promising the world and all the secrets that come with it. Every delicious and dizzying bit.


Who wouldn't want to be hers?


She then felt dirty. Rotten. Insane. What the hell is she doing? Or better yet, what the hell is he doing? He has this- this goddess with him so what was he trying to do with her?   Her eyes fell on the photograph once more.


She wondered when the photograph was taken. The beguiling aura of the woman in it was somehow nowhere to be seen in person. Oh, she was gorgeous. She is everything girls like her dream of becoming one day. The height of class. Effortless. It's like she owns the world and maybe she does.


But she is "The Ice Queen", as media likes to paint her. Able to cut with just a glance, a glare or the coolness she emanates. Men do seem have a problem when it comes to a woman in charge. Because clearly, a woman like her doesn't fit into just one mold.




Yes, that cold and ruthless streak in her is undeniable but she has more heart than she likes to let on. And it comes out in her unguarded moments. And in her moments with him.


He was the only one that sees the real her. That owns a piece of the glowing woman that is hidden in all her layers. As evident from the way he'd captured her.


But does he know about her darkness too?


The talks going around were enough to make her head spin. But she wasn't one to believe in baseless rumors, although... From what has been happening of late, maybe he knows better than anyone.


And his wife isn't the only one indulging in that darkness.


What does that say about him?


And what does it say about her when she wants it even more?


She ran a hand through her hair, frustration tearing at her. Her eyes wandering around as if lost. They landed on the door leading to the private lounge with a walk-in closet. She stood motionless, warring with herself.


Dirty. Rotten. Insane.


It was wrong.


But dirty, rotten, insane, and wrong things are the most tempting.


The illicit thrill of going through his clothes, the expensive clothes that clung to every delectable inch of him, was making her mouth water. And before she knew it, her feet had made the decision for her.


He was acting like a voyeur. She was just paying in kind by acting like a stalker.


It's just for a second anyway.


She stepped inside the lounge just in time before the office door opened. Gasping, she quickly hid behind the door; being too late in closing it.


She carefully peeked out.


And wished she had managed to close it.

Part II

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29 May 2012 @ 01:18 am
I can't decide whether to laugh with glee till my face breaks or just continue my ugly crying.Maybe I'll alternate both.Coz their CM is making me crazy.In a good way.I think.People are asking me about my funny face.Ha.I'm not making all these up,right?Not like I've ever done that before.Cough.Cough.

Behind the scenes.My awkward babies.Those two dorks.Why is it a CM only again?Lol.I'm greedy.They better get ready for MaoPi world domination.Moowahaha.Oh,just me then?Lol.

Let me just ugly cry again,okay?Their love is beautiful!Lol.What am I saying?Please make babies.Lol.

I love them.

Seriously,please make babies.

Five years for a CM.Well then,that will be ten years for a drama.

I can wait.
I can.

Ugly crying again now.

They were in Hawaii!!!!

Ohgod.I can't wait to post fic updates.
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23 May 2012 @ 01:34 am
Mao and Pi CM?
In Hawaii?
Mao and Pi?
Beeer CM?
Someone please pinch me.
This is so surreal.
I know they are rumors but let me just go cry in the corner.

I wonder if they saw Pedro?

Ugly crying now.b
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14 March 2012 @ 02:44 pm
Yes, I am alive. Just has been kidnapped by aliens and had to be saved by the Moo and Kazu! I think I saw Darth Vader. I honestly thought I had to drop my fics, like something I vowed 24323498 times that I would never ever ever do, but there's this particular one that doesn't want to leave me alone. I really tried and the only way it can finally stop harassing me is if I just write it all down and make my brain forget. It's been a while so I hope I can still do justice to Jun, Mao and Pi's story. Real life- uh- I mean, those aliens really didn't give me much choice in the fic writing department. And I apologize for that. I really do feel like I've let you guys down. I'm back and I hope there won't be aliens to drag me away again. I am itching to kick some fic choobies.

If you guys are still with me, get ready for an incoming slobber kiss from me. I love you all.
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29 July 2011 @ 05:10 am
Why isn't LJ letting me upload my Nagase "Whut the pudding?" photo?

The finale itself was awful. You already killed off Young Joo!!! Wasn't enough,I see.Maybe it's because I never did like the whole Darth Vader President is my father storyline.So I basically just zoned out I was much more invested in Mu Yeol and even Jin Pyo as Yoon Sung's father to begin with even after the truth is revealed.Such a cop out.Mu Yeol married Kyung Hee and was willing to raise Yoon Sung as HIS son and they just totally derailed that narrative.Jin Pyo, I know he's psychotic but I do believe he really does care for Yoon Sung.

The only scene I kinda wasn't iffy about was YS-JP-NN-President scene, although it was a little flat too I guess after Episode 16, I am not that emotionally invested in what happens anymore, just wanting to know how it will end.Because they totally reduced Na Na's character into just background.Don't get me wrong, I love me some Lee Min Ho/Yoon Sung gracing my screen but Show, you gave us such a badass female lead for once and then you choke on that and relegated her to the waiting lover, offering her undying devotion while feeding the male lead necessary and convenient information just so the storyline can move along.And I didn't like how they resolved Young Joo and Na Na's storyline for the matter. They gave us such a wonderful premise but I guess they didn't have enough time to delve into it too much.Na Na's whole storyline as a whole.Oh,and they finally remembered she had a father who was in a coma!

The reunion scene between Na Na and Yoon Sung. Can someone explain it to me? K, thanks. Actually the whole ending. Lol. I know Jin Pyo and the 20 officers have finally gotten their much deserved honor but the rest is a bit foggy to me. This finale should come with a manual.
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