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07 May 2015 @ 09:51 am
Hello! Wow, it's been a really long time. I'm wondering if people are still on LJ?

Anyway, I have a sorta favor to ask anyone that happens to come upon this post. Do you happen to have a copy of my fanfictions from winglin.net? Ouji & Hime and Memento of Ours in particular. I know chances are slim but I still have to try. I lost my copies of Ouji & Hime and Memento of Ours (except for chapters 21 onwards which are posted on blogspot) due to HD issues and because lazy fool that I am, I always pushed back moving my stories to a more reliable site. I really thought winglin.net will forever be there. I don't know what prompted me to believe such a thing; it was having issues time and again. Argh. So if anyone has copies, I hope you can send them to me. Please. I've started on Memento of Ours again (yeah, surprise!) but I'm having second thoughts regarding continuing the story since the starting chapters are lost now.

So, please do leave a message if you have them.

Thank you so much!!

Current Mood: pensivepensive