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17 August 2012 @ 02:40 pm
[Interview] Y-Star  

Watch the video here.

LMH: Yes, that's right. This one here is the one who creates the atmosphere. It's because she is talkative and is full of energy.
KHS: No, it's because in comparison, female actors are fewer. During filming, there are more male actors. The male actors are less talkative compared to female actors. So it seems like I have more to say. But these kids are also very talkative. (caught in her words)

Half of her lines are all curse words?

KHS: There isn't that many yet. In the process of our filming, almost half of my lines are curse words. Cursing like this in a drama is a first for me. So even though it's a bit awkward, I try to be as natural as possible.

A cursing Kim Hee Sun. It's hard to imagine.

Kim Hee Sun's babyface is something else.

KHS: Aren't I an older sister or something?
LMH: Coincidentally, my co-stars are always older than me. This time it's the big sister. But even though she is, she's also the most lively. She's really young at heart. She knows more idols than I do.
KHS: No such thing.

So is her husband jealous because she's working with someone young like Lee Min Ho?

KHS: Yes, he gets jealous. When he saw the video, my hubby... (laughs) He gets jealous because he's young. That's just in the beginning, but he understands me now. Seems like he's given up. (laughs)
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