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17 August 2012 @ 02:38 pm
[Interview] Faith Cast  

Credit: 李敏镐家族字幕组出品

MC: If you can time travel, where would you want to go?
KHS: The future. I want to go to the future.
LMH: That can be painful.

Aigoo~ Min Ho really likes to joke around.

Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho's closeness really makes one envious.

MC: Your co-star is really handsome.
KHS: It was worth the wait. (laughs)
MC: How is it working with them? Is it the same with your previous expectations?
KHS: Yes, it's the same. I thought everyone will be really nitpicky, but it was really...
LMH: You just said it's the same. (laughs) You were asked if it's the same with your previous expectations. You said yes, and thought everyone will be nitpicky.
KHS: No, no, no. It was different from what I thought. Everyone's really great. We all get along very well.
LMH: I have a different opinion. I thought she was a good person and takes care of everyone, but in reality she is very nitpicky.
KHS: (gestures wildly in defense)

Lee Min Ho's cute attack~

LMH: I'm just kidding. She's really fun.

An excitable character is paired with KHS's beauty.

MC: This character's language is a bit on the rough side?
KHS: There's always some curse words. I think it's my first time to curse someone in a drama.
LMH: There's always bloopers with her. Because she really gets into the cursing.

Lee Min Ho continues his attack~

KHS: It feels a bit unnatural because I feel a little awkward with it. Yoo Oh Seung Senior always curses in his movies. So I always think about how I could curse as naturally as him.
MC: Godfather, is she cursing in the right way?
KHS: Following in his footsteps is a bit...
YOS: Stop. Stop. (laughs)

MC: Is it hard to play the role of a doctor?
LP: Currently, compared to filming medical skills, I have more action scenes. This doctor is more skilled in martial arts that you would imagine.

MC: If you were to have a political marriage with one of the casts, who will you choose? Please be honest.
KHS: Deok Hwan is really great~

KHS's love offense~ And the choice is-

RDH: Sorry, Noona~ I choose Se Young.

A great mortification for KHS. What does she have to say?

KHS: I hate you, too. (laughs)
MC: So cute!
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