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08 April 2023 @ 03:24 am

Mao Inoue Forum is an English language forum dedicated to Inoue Mao. Our forum has discussion about Mao's dramas, films, other works, along with various types of multimedia content. Please stop by Mao Inoue Forum and say hello!


have fun! kyaaa~~*

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01 October 2022 @ 07:15 am
"...To boldly go where no one has gone before..." -Spock, Star Trek

Yes, coz I feel that's how I'd describe this list of fan fiction.
Inspired by a couple of crazy kids.

Ouji & Hime (completed)
A Little Piece of Heaven - Ouji & Hime SP
Angel (completed)
Unsuspecting Afternoons (one-shot)
Kiss & Tell (one-shot) Continuation of Unsuspecting Afternoons

MaoPi ft. Pedro
My Imperfect Girl (completed)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (one-shot)
Peanut, Pudding, Pedro and a Random Person (one-shot)
Big Bang VS NewS (one-shot)
With Me (small feature)
With Me (on-going)
Perfect Strangers (on-going)
Afterglow (one-shot) *NEW*

Memento of Ours (on-going)

Wonderful Chaos (on-going)
Niji (on-going) I've remembered the password! :D
The Case of The Hawaiian Pizza (one-shot) *NEW*

Mr. Ohno's Quirky Adventure (completed)

An Unexpected Twist (one-shot)

Kismet (one-shot)

Pure Randomness from My Imperfect Girl
He Who Knows All (one-shot)
Haru Haru MV Dissection: Pork & Beans Style (one-shot)
Shige Gets A Chapter (one-shot)
[The Missing Turtle Pie] (two-shot)
[The Missing Turtle Pie] (two-shot)

Day After Day (one-shot)

Sweet & Sticky (one-shot)

Take another drag, turn me to ashes. (short fic) *NEW*

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14 February 2022 @ 11:33 pm

Yes, this is shameless plugging for my fic. But yeah, my outlet for my MaoMiya phase. xD These crazy kids.

And this is the awesomest fanfic I'm currently reading. Paramours by TheHibiscus if you want MaoPi (one of my loves too :P) ArielShun and YEHSe7en. xD

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13 February 2022 @ 04:07 am
Yamapiggy will be on indefinite hiatus.
And she has lost her muchness for the fandom somehow.
She is still going to work on her fan fictions but it depends if she's going to get inspiration.
And yes, she refers to herself in the third person sometimes.

Yamapiggy thanks everyone. It's been a wonderful ride.
Take care of Mao.
Kiss. Kiss. Hug. Hug.

Credit: omona lj
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07 May 2015 @ 09:51 am
Hello! Wow, it's been a really long time. I'm wondering if people are still on LJ?

Anyway, I have a sorta favor to ask anyone that happens to come upon this post. Do you happen to have a copy of my fanfictions from winglin.net? Ouji & Hime and Memento of Ours in particular. I know chances are slim but I still have to try. I lost my copies of Ouji & Hime and Memento of Ours (except for chapters 21 onwards which are posted on blogspot) due to HD issues and because lazy fool that I am, I always pushed back moving my stories to a more reliable site. I really thought winglin.net will forever be there. I don't know what prompted me to believe such a thing; it was having issues time and again. Argh. So if anyone has copies, I hope you can send them to me. Please. I've started on Memento of Ours again (yeah, surprise!) but I'm having second thoughts regarding continuing the story since the starting chapters are lost now.

So, please do leave a message if you have them.

Thank you so much!!

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05 May 2015 @ 01:15 pm

Sneak peek.
Chapter 38: Untitled

“That was… interesting.”

“No, me breaking his neck would be called interesting. That, was a fucking disaster.”

Mao looked over to a clearly still fuming Jun, though his calm voice indicated just the opposite. They had just left a party one of his associates had invited them to. The invitation came in the middle of their dinner; disrupting what had been a very delicious conversation. Jun, with obvious reluctance, had accepted. She didn’t mind. It wouldn’t do to rile any feathers and building new connections is always good. Jun, on the other hand, just wanted to go home and finish their conversation. In bed.

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17 August 2012 @ 02:40 pm

Watch the video here.

LMH: Yes, that's right. This one here is the one who creates the atmosphere. It's because she is talkative and is full of energy.
KHS: No, it's because in comparison, female actors are fewer. During filming, there are more male actors. The male actors are less talkative compared to female actors. So it seems like I have more to say. But these kids are also very talkative. (caught in her words)

Half of her lines are all curse words?

KHS: There isn't that many yet. In the process of our filming, almost half of my lines are curse words. Cursing like this in a drama is a first for me. So even though it's a bit awkward, I try to be as natural as possible.

A cursing Kim Hee Sun. It's hard to imagine.

Kim Hee Sun's babyface is something else.

KHS: Aren't I an older sister or something?
LMH: Coincidentally, my co-stars are always older than me. This time it's the big sister. But even though she is, she's also the most lively. She's really young at heart. She knows more idols than I do.
KHS: No such thing.

So is her husband jealous because she's working with someone young like Lee Min Ho?

KHS: Yes, he gets jealous. When he saw the video, my hubby... (laughs) He gets jealous because he's young. That's just in the beginning, but he understands me now. Seems like he's given up. (laughs)
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17 August 2012 @ 02:39 pm

Credit: 李敏镐家族字幕组出品

YOS: I hear you're keeping great shape, Lee Min Ho. To the point that you don't have to wear your armor anymore, is this true?
LMH: I lost 7kg in a month.
YOS: How did you lose the weight?
LMH: The first day of filming there was a scene where I had to carry Hee Sun Noona. She was very light then.
KHS: (Why are you like this?)
LMH: But after a month, I couldn't carry her anymore. So I really lost my muscles. I'm just bones now.
YOS: So it wasn't filming that made you lose the weight but it's because of Kim Hee Sun.
KHS: Do you really have to say it like that? (Do you really have to target me?)
YOS: Isn't it like that?
LMH: I would say there is a bit of a factor...
YOS: Kim Hee Sun, you appeared in a grocery store in the middle of the night with bloodied clothes and scared the shop owner there. What happened here?
KHS: I had a scene where I performed surgery on the princess and got blood all over me. I went to the store wearing those clothes. The owner took a picture. But posted the CCTV captures online. The clothes were bloodied. Everyone said it was like seeing a ghost.
YOS: But why did you go to the store?
KHS: To buy refreshments for the staff.
YOS: I see. Now for Ryu Deok Hwan. Acting is the only thing you've done for 20 years. If you hadn't become an actor, what would you be doing now?
RDH: I haven't thought about it.
LMH: So, from the moment you were born, you wanted to be an actor.
RDH: I am a born actor.
YOS: I was asking what you would do if you weren't an actor.
RDH: I am a born actor.
YOS: So do you have any professional habits?
RDH: I make it a point to take the bus or subway. It's so I can observe other people.
YOS: Oh, that's good. Please keep it up. You have to make observations. Actors can't make it about themselves always. That's good.
KHS: He's taking care of the questions and the answers.
LMH: I think you should sit there for the rest of the segment.

RDH: Senior.
KHS: I think you're the one who's my senior.
RDH: Oh, really?
He's already showing off. Kidding.
Interesting. (KHS)
Good thing I'm a senior. (YOS)

RDH: There's a drama that I really love. It's the drama "Tomato".
Kim Hee Sun's unchanging beauty is something to admire.
RDH: Do you like tomatoes?
KHS: Are you really asking?
RDH: I'm really curious.
KHS: Yes, I really love tomatoes.
RDH: Your image is like a tomato. Like a tomato, you're really sweet and brimming with passion.
LMH: Hey, why do you make it sound dirty?
KHS:You're something else.
RDH: Se Young, you've starred in a number of dramas. There's a drama called "Love Rain".
PSY: I'm so scared.
KHS: Me too.
RDH: Have you ever been showered by love rain?
PSY: My mind is a blank.
LMH: Seems to me, one can't drink with Deok Hwan.
KHS: Didn't you once drink in the morning?
LMH: No.
RDH: Have you been in love?
PSY: I want to know love.
RDH: I know.

KHS: According to Jung Il Woo, his first impression of Lee Min Ho isn't good. He felt you were a bit nitpicky. What first impression do you think you give off to others?
LMH: A lot of people have told me, they thought I really like going out, that I can drink, and that I love girls.
KHS: Don't you? (like girls)
LMH: Not that. (laughs) Please give me some nervous special effects. They all say that at the beginning. After really getting to know me, they realize I don't drink much and that I seldom go out, and just stay at home. About the girls...
RDH: Don't you like girls?
LMH: Of course I do.
KHS: So you just date at home? Didn't you say you always stay at home?
LMH: Just that people said I was the complete opposite.

KHS: Next is Deok Hwan. Surprisingly, this person loves to drink. You love to drink?? How is your alcohol intake? Who are your drinking buddies? Do you get loud when you're drinking? Have you ever been so drunk you got into trouble?
LMH: Look at her eyes.
KHS: I can't stop. (laughs)
RDH: Just one question, please.
LMH: At the mention of alcohol, her eyes light up.
KHS: How is your alcohol intake?
RDH: I haven't made it a point to find out. I can't drink just one kind of alcohol. I like bomb drinking.
KHS: Oh, mixing it up.

LMH: For Ryu Deok Hwan. When it comes to the opposite sex, what part do you notice best?
Pulling down his jacket, what would RDH's answer be?
YOS: It must be here. (Points to chest.)
LMH: Yoo Oh Seong is the best.
RDH: I look at the face.
LMH: The face.
RDH: Yes. It's not about having a beautiful face. It has to complement me.
LMH: What is a face that complements you?
RDH: It must be beautiful.
Sorry, I lied.
LMH: A beautiful face is compatible to you.
RDH: Yes. I lied earlier. I look at the face.
LMH: I see. Kim Hee Sun-sshi is next. Which idol singers are you into lately?
KHS: (laughs) There's so many. But recently, I especially like Im Si Wan. (To Se Young) Do you like him?
LMH: Then please give a video message for Im Si Wan.
KHS: This kid...
LMH: You can look into this camera.
KHS: Si Wan, hello.
LMH: She really is doing it!
KHS: I really like you. I also sing along to the song in the Phoenix album. Thank you for your great performances. Please give it your best always.

After seeing this video, Si Wan will be very happy as well.
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17 August 2012 @ 02:38 pm

Credit: 李敏镐家族字幕组出品

MC: If you can time travel, where would you want to go?
KHS: The future. I want to go to the future.
LMH: That can be painful.

Aigoo~ Min Ho really likes to joke around.

Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho's closeness really makes one envious.

MC: Your co-star is really handsome.
KHS: It was worth the wait. (laughs)
MC: How is it working with them? Is it the same with your previous expectations?
KHS: Yes, it's the same. I thought everyone will be really nitpicky, but it was really...
LMH: You just said it's the same. (laughs) You were asked if it's the same with your previous expectations. You said yes, and thought everyone will be nitpicky.
KHS: No, no, no. It was different from what I thought. Everyone's really great. We all get along very well.
LMH: I have a different opinion. I thought she was a good person and takes care of everyone, but in reality she is very nitpicky.
KHS: (gestures wildly in defense)

Lee Min Ho's cute attack~

LMH: I'm just kidding. She's really fun.

An excitable character is paired with KHS's beauty.

MC: This character's language is a bit on the rough side?
KHS: There's always some curse words. I think it's my first time to curse someone in a drama.
LMH: There's always bloopers with her. Because she really gets into the cursing.

Lee Min Ho continues his attack~

KHS: It feels a bit unnatural because I feel a little awkward with it. Yoo Oh Seung Senior always curses in his movies. So I always think about how I could curse as naturally as him.
MC: Godfather, is she cursing in the right way?
KHS: Following in his footsteps is a bit...
YOS: Stop. Stop. (laughs)

MC: Is it hard to play the role of a doctor?
LP: Currently, compared to filming medical skills, I have more action scenes. This doctor is more skilled in martial arts that you would imagine.

MC: If you were to have a political marriage with one of the casts, who will you choose? Please be honest.
KHS: Deok Hwan is really great~

KHS's love offense~ And the choice is-

RDH: Sorry, Noona~ I choose Se Young.

A great mortification for KHS. What does she have to say?

KHS: I hate you, too. (laughs)
MC: So cute!
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